Unrefined Living

maintaining a healthy balance of the mind, body, and plate


Welcome to Unrefined Living.   My name is Michelle and I am here because I love sharing my passions for nutritional health and wellness with you.  Here you will find easy and healthy recipes, nutritional information, and tips on how to stay on track.  Contrary to popular belief, getting healthy does not mean starting a “diet.”   Rather, it’s a long-term practice that involves commitment and dedication.  It doesn’t have to be miserable or mundane.  There is a world of amazing and tasty foods that are healthy and fun to make. My personal favorites are the desserts!  And trust me, once you begin you will not want to turn back!


My Training

I am a certified Holistic Health Coach, trained at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York City, the world’s largest holistic nutrition school.  During my training, I studied over 100 dietary theories, practical lifestyle management techniques, and innovative coaching methods with some of the world’s top health and wellness experts. My teachers included Dr. Andrew Weil, Dr. Deepak Chopra, Dr. David Katz, Dr. Walter Willett, Geneen Roth, David Wolfe, Marion Nestle, and many other leading researchers and nutrition authorities.

My education has equipped me with extensive knowledge in holistic nutrition, health coaching, and preventive health.  Please stay tuned as I continuously update you on my personal journey through health and wellness.

In addition to my training with IIN, I am a certified Yoga Instructor teaching classes locally as well as private sessions.  Check out my Yoga & Fitness page for more information.

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    Cugino Riccardo Ciappa 🙂

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